1. Passionately Pursuing God

Christianity is the most exciting adventure in life! We believe that every Christian should be excited about serving God and living for Him. We don’t just tag Jesus onto a part of our lives but we are passionate about becoming all He created us to be. We are actually excited about fully serving Him and reaching our potential.

2. Alive in the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit has been given to us to make our faith truly alive! We are all inspired as people use their spiritual gifts and God given abilities to build up His church and present a culture that is supernaturally led by God’s Spirit. We encourage all Christians to know and us their gifts in a way that builds us the body of Christ, allowing God to live out His plan and purposes in today’s culture. 



3. Love the church

God loves His Church with a passion. We want to be followers of Jesus who love His Church like He does. We believe in God’s plan to build His Church and therefore we want to actively demonstrate our love and passion for our local church. We demonstrate this through our commitment, attitude and participation in the local church.

4. Honouring one another

We take the Bible seriously when it says to build up the body of Christ. We celebrate the opportunities to honour and build one another up. We believe in a culture where people are active, loving and positive in honouring everyone in the body of Christ. We honour our congregation of pastors, staff, leaders and volunteers. 



5. Serving as a volunteer

We see ourselves as one big family here at Lifepointe and we encourage everyone to demonstrate a servant heart by getting involved with others in making this church all that God has called it to be. As we connect by working in teams we grow together and build a sense of belonging. The potential is enormous.

6. Generous to the progressive vision

God has a specific calling for each church to carry out His great commission. We want to proclaim His grace in a culture where everyone is committed to His continuing vision. Our heart is to be progressive as God speaks to us through many strategies and plans to unfold His vision for us here at Lifepointe. We aim to continually reach the changing generations. 


Watch our "THIS IS HOME" sermon series to find out more about our culture and how it shapes who we are at Lifepointe