Love With $5
to Nov 18

Love With $5

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Our 11 in 11 for November was us showing love through using $5 in any way we can to let people know that they are valued and cared for by an incredible God!

Here's some of the awesome ideas that people had...
- Shout a stranger a coffee
- Buy a book about faith for a friend investigating faith, 
- Send someone a card of encouragement.
- Pay for someones meal behind in the drive thru.

Remember, we can always show love to others through even the little things! It doesn't take much to remind someone how valuable they are!

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Yes We Care Day
8:00 AM08:00

Yes We Care Day

On Saturday 28th October we had an amazing day blessing 6 different homes in our community. We fixed walls, painted, did yard work and were ultimately able to show people the love of Jesus. Below are a couple of photos from one of our teams...

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