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You Are Loved Christmas Hampers

Each year at Christmas At Lifepointe, one of our favourite things to do is to give away around 80 Christmas Hampers to unsuspecting guests. It’s just our way of blessing people and letting them know we love them.

To help those hampers look as amazing as possible, here’s a list items you can donate.

Bring them into the ‘Yes Desk’ on a Sunday or the office through the week.

Christmas Hamper food list

  • Christmas cake/pudding

  • Mince pies

  • Candy canes

  • Mixed nuts/pretzels/chips

  • Lollies

  • Custard

  • Pancake mix


Normal everyday pantry items

  • Breakfast cereals

  • Tinned spaghetti/baked beans

  • 5pk 2 minute noodles

  • White rice and pasta

  • Pasta sauces (i.e. Bolognese)

  • Canned tuna

  • Canned soups

  • Cuppa soups

  • Canned tomato

  • Salada/cruskits

  • Crackers (i.e. Jatz, Rice crackers etc.)

  • Sweet biscuits (i.e. assorted packets etc)

  • Tea and coffee

  • Cordial

  • Sugar

  • Spreads (i.e. jam, peanut, vegemite)

  • Tinned fruit

  • Long life milk